A World Record from Renaissance Construction

Renaissance Construction is the main contractor of the high-rise project, which will host Gazprom and its affiliates, has includes “initials” in many aspects. The tower being under construction is 462 meters in length and 670 thousand tons in weight in the complex, whose foundation has built with novel techniques; the foundation slab of tower is 2 meters in diameter, 65 meters in length as well as located on the piles drilling the soils to 85 meters- depth. Thus, a crucial attention has been given to the slab of the building foundation. As one of the most challenging and complext structural component, “foundation slab” has been designed as equilateral pentagon in an area of 5670 squaremeters, that is an example of achitectural aesthetics of the project. Also, for the slab, 15 rows of fire bar composed of 32 mm reinforcement, were used


A total of 9.2 thousand tons of iron has been used for reinforced foundation slab of the building. A replica of Eiffel Tower in Paris can be constructed from the metals only used for this part of project. The initials of the projects are not limited with these. The concrete of the building has been provided by 13 different concrete plants in St. Petersburg. Concrete transit mixers made a total of 2540 times and at average of every minute, a transit mixer came to the construction area.

As a further step, a flawless measurement system has established for structural concrete under the control of the experienced team of Renaissance Construction. In this context, the main body has been combined with 330 sensors and continuous monitoring of instant changes has been provided.